Publication: Seeing the Big Picture – Scientific Image Integrity under Inspection

Image processing, feature extraction and analysis using the BioVoxxel Toolbox (2h Workshop)

the workshop was held at the ImageJ User and Developer Conference 2015 in Madison (WI), USA to give a hands-on introduction to basic image processing tasks and possible solutions using functions from the BioVoxxel toolbox.

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The BioVoxxel Toolbox (poster)

Brocher 2015, ImageJ User and Developer Conference, 3rd-4th September 2015, Madison (WI), USA

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Two New Histogram Limiting Binarization Algorithms

Brocher, 2014, International Journal of Image Processing – IJIP 8(2), pp30-48.

The BioVoxxel Toolbox (poster and oral presentation)

Brocher, 2015, EuBIAS-Conference, 5th-6th January 2015, Paris, France