Frequently Asked Questions

Originally, all workshops were held in person. And along came Covid-19 which forced the transition to online courses. It quickly showed that this course actually benefits from being online and remotely available. In-house courses also take up way more time, travel and expenses, which have to be covered by the customer.


  • There is no need for organizing rooms in your institute for 3 full days (less organization)
  • The course is more flexible and could even be held on non-consecutive days
  • Participants can take part from everywhere (lab, home, holidays (that really happens), …)
  • In case of problems, screen-sharing can be super helpful to solve and demonstrate issues
  • BioVoxxel can thus reach way more people

If in any case an in-house workshop is desired, please contact BioVoxxel to get a special quotation.

This depends a little on the modalities and if a Call4Help-Session is booked in addition. The most accurate answer tailored to your needs you will get by making a direct inquiry

Principally yes! So, it doesn’t hurt to contact BioVoxxel and ask. However, this depends on the availability of free slots in a non-fully booked workshop. Therefore, there might be longer waiting times. Currently the booking of group courses is quite extensive. Therefore, open courses for individual registration are currently not planned. This however might once in a while happen, so keep the eyes open and check the workshop calendar.

In case you are part of a graduate school or any PhD or other researcher group and think one of the courses could be interesting for that group, feel free to forward this info to the coordinators together with my contact details (see on top of front page)

Generally yes! If the desired topic can be covered by BioVoxxel, we can discuss a course customization or a specifically tailored workshop of adaptable duration for your working group, institute or staff. This is best done via phone to specifically address the needs of the customer.

The image integrity assessment procedure depends a little bit if you inquire:

  • Quality checking, duplication test etc. as author or institute for one or more manuscripts
  • Full image integrity assessment as editorial staff for a journal on single or regular basis
  • Accusation-related manipulation assessment (e.g. as journal/reserach institute/RIO/funding organization)

In general data will always be handled fully confidential by BioVoxxel in any collaboration!

Normal quality checks can be agreed upon on a quota basis dependent on your needs. The latter can best be discussed via phone first. Then a quotation will be issued and you can decide if you would like to take the service. This applies similarly for journals who wish to do this on a regular basis.

In case of individual in-depth assessment related to misconduct cases the nature of the situation is generally more delicate. Therefore, the inquirer can first informally discuss the issue generally and upon agreement on taking the service and after safe transfer of the data in question, a detailed report will be issued on any findings, protecting anonymity of whistleblower, inquirer as well as defendant as good as possible.

The assessment will in any case be a fully neutral expert opinion and in case of conflicts of interest we will not offer or continue with a service.

In case, you have further questions, please contact BioVoxxel informally to get clarification.