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Scientific Image Editing & Figure Creation Workshop

Learn about best practice scientific image handling, editing and high quality standard publication figure creation

Microscopic Image Processing and Analysis Workshop

Learn about image processing and analysis basics for microscopic images as basis for analysis automation

ImageJ Macro Scripting Workshop

Learn ImageJ's Macro Language from scratch to flexibly automate and customize your own image analysis projects

Scientific Illustration Workshop

Learn how to creatively communicate your science in a graphical way, illustrate grant proposals or graphical abstracts

Professional Scientific Illustration Services

Get your professional 2D/3D journal cover art, graphical abstract or short animations to communicate your research

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Scientific Image Integrity Service

Get support from an image integrity expert. Receive quality badges, integrity reports or assistance in misconduct investigations


Hourly-based coaching sessions on image analysis problems or help with own ImageJ macro programming issues. Bookable for individuals or groups

Software Solutions

Customized software solutions for your individual image analysis or consulting regarding all topics related to image analysis and automation

Free Software Tools

Multiple free tools for Fiji (ImageJ bundle) available as update sites. Featuring the NEW BioVoxxel 3D Box for GPU-accelerated image processing and analysis


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95% Overall Satisfaction
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Testimonial taken from anonymous feedback forms handed out after the courses

“One of the best workshops in the complete PhD program curriculum.”

“This course should be compulsory for all scientists working with images and image analysis.”

“With the knowledge from these courses, my analyses will be massively faster.”

“This workshop is packed with knowledge and really shows, whoever attends it, will have the potential to be a better scientist afterwards. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!”

“It was noticeable how well the whole course was developed and thought through. There are a lot of great tools and also presentation methods during the course that help the participant a lot. In addition, there is an exercise program that allows you to practice and consolidate what you have learnt, which is extremely valuable. Jan was able to answer every question immediately, communicated the content in an understandable way and it was very pleasant to listen and at the same time apply what was discussed. This is the best course, I would definitely recommend it!”

“BioVoxxel’s excellent customized automation, enabled us to obtain an increased amount of data for our publication. Without this contribution the publication would not have been possible in the current state.”

Dr. Jan Brocher

Founder of BioVoxxel
After my PhD in molecular biology in 2007, some international scientific research experience, I turned my passion about microscopy and image analysis into my profession. Working since 2012 as freelance BioImage Analyst, software developer, trainer and consultant.