The following general terms and conditions are valid and apply for all webinars and services purchased via the website or any of its subdomains. By completing a purchase you agree to these terms and conditions between you (customer) and BioVoxxel (contractor).

In-house workshops, image integrity assessment service agreed upon via a separate contract or programming services fall under separately issued terms and conditions and are not covered by the ones on this page with exception of the payment terms and payment processing sections if paid online.

These terms and conditions are provided in English, since the services are provided internationally and mostly in English language. But business location and domain owner are located in Germany. Therefore, website as well as the service is governed by German law.

Duration and Termination of the contract

The contract is concluded by completion of the payment and persists until termination of the workshop event.

Right of Withdrawal

The customer has the fundamental right to cancel the purchase 14 days from date of purchase on. This needs to happen via specific notice of revocation in text form (e.g. via email). No reasons need to be specified for the cancellation. The complete payment will be refunded in the case of proper notice of cancellation. The deadline for withdrawal will be considered met, provided BioVoxxel receives the communication regarding your decision to withdraw before the deadline has been reached.

Technical Requirements

When taking part in online workshop, the registered participant must meet the minimum requirements (stable internet connection, installation of the indicated webinar app or the newest internet browser version, prior installation of the newest, if not indicated otherwise, software version (Fiji) and extensions according to the given instructions, download of the provided workshop material, speakers or headset, optimally a webcam). It is also the responsibility or the participant to test technical equipment before the webinar as well as when joining the event.

Any problems with installations need to be communicated to BioVoxxel before the event to be solved. At the day of the workshop, technical issues cannot be solved for individual participants if resulting not adhering to the installation instructions or pre-requisites as mentioned above.

Prices and Payment Terms

Workshops / Online Seminars

Participation / booking fees can be found in the description of the course as well as in the payment processing.

Image Integrity Assessment Services

Fees for image integrity assessments will be issued via a customized quotation and a final invoice

The customer can choose from the offered payment methods in the order process. The contractor is not obligated to offer alternative payment methods other than provided in the order form or invoice.

Payment processing

All payment methods executed via the BioVoxxel or TicketTailor site are processed by Stripe under their privacy policies and conditions. BioVoxxel does not store credit card or bank account related data for security reasons. BioVoxxel will never contact you with questions regarding your payment methods. If you receive such an email or request it might be a phishing attempt. Please, do never reveal your card or payment details.

Payments generally contain a non-refundable processing fee per transaction stated in the offer, during the online booking process or on the invoice. BioVoxxel also has no influence on these modalities. Changes in processing fees issued by the payment processing partner will be included and rounded as such in the item prices as transit costs. BioVoxxel reserves the right to update the item prices accordingly in the future. Already processed payments are not affected by those changes.

If the customer uses any third party payment method this happens under the corresponding terms and conditions of the respective service.

Workshops / Online Seminars

Payments must be received in full prior to the event for the registered person to be eligible of receiving the access/login information and access to the workshop material. Processing fees may be subject to changes.

Image Integrity Assessment Services

If no other agreement is settled between the contacting parties, payment for image integrity assessment services have to be received by BioVoxxel’s account latest at the time the assessment should be conducted. Any assessment report and certification will only be issued if the payment was successfully transacted.

Consulting and Coaching Sessions

If no other agreement is settled between the contacting parties, payment for any consultancy or coaching service have to be received by BioVoxxel’s account latest at the time the session is scheduled. Otherwise BioVoxxel can refuse the related service. Dates for the coaching sessions can be scheduled or postponed via email communication.

Re-scheduling or Cancellation by BioVoxxel

If any re-scheduling of the course is necessary due to illness of the trainer or any unforeseen event, a new date will be scheduled for a substitution workshop. All purchased tickets will stay valid for the re-scheduled event. In case, a registered participant cannot take part in a re-scheduled event, there is the possibility to receive a place in an alternative workshop with the same topic if free places are available. If neither the re-scheduled nor an alternative workshop date can be taken by the registered participant, purchase price will be fully refunded. There is no right of any other claims against BioVoxxel apart from the above mentioned.

Collected Data on Item Purchase

BioVoxxel will not store any collected payment data on item purchase after the time of service. Storage of personal data (name and email) regarding the webinars is regulated here. Participant names will be needed to give access to the webinar and material as well as to issue final participation certificates (if not disagreed by the participant in text form e.g. via email). After the webinar, BioVoxxel only keeps the email address to grant continuous access to the workshop material. The registered participant can demand deletion of all personal data (which will cease access to the workshop material).


Workshops / Online Seminars

If the registered participant dislikes or misses parts of the event independent (e.g. technical issues outside the influence of the contractor) there is no right for refunding neither the full nor parts of the workshop fee.

In case of cancellation prior to the start of the event the refunding amounts are staggered as follows (payment processing fees will not be refunded).

Cancellations more than 28 calendar days before the first day of the booked event: full item refund (minus processing fee)

Cancellations between 28 and 22 calendar days before the first day of the booked event: 60% refund (minus processing fee)

Cancellations between 21 and 15 calendar days before the first day of the booked event: 40% refund (minus processing fee)

Cancellations between 14 and 8 calendar days before the first day of the booked event: 20% refund (minus processing fee)

Cancellations 7 calendar days or less before the first day of the booked event: no refund

Instead of cancellation, the registered participant can designate a substitute to take his/her place. In case the originally registered participant indicates a substitute for participation no refund will be given to the originally registered participant. The participation fee has then to be recovered by the originally registered participant from the designated substitute.

In special cases, please contact BioVoxxel to clarify any issue and avoid any problems.

Image Integrity Services

Image integrity assessment services in form of a one-time service or a payed quota for multiple assessments are non-refundable for unused assessment services or partial quota usage up to a quota of 10 assessments. Above a purchased quota of 10 assessments partial refunding is possible for unused assessment numbers. Such a refunding is subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the proportionate fee corresponding to the cancelled assessments.

In case of need for discussion please contact BioVoxxel.

Webinars / Online Seminars

The purchase of a single ticket makes only the buyer eligible to participate in the complete workshop in form of one person. If the registered person cannot participate in the seminar, a substitute can be indicated to BioVoxxel as new eligible person for participation. BioVoxxel needs at least the full name and a functional email address to be able to issue a certificate and allow communication with participants regarding course matters as well as give access to course material. Also check the refunding terms in case you want to assign a substitute.


The content of all workshops (slides used during screen share, Power Point presentations, Script, Exercises and other workshop material such as (but not limited to) exercises, images and other files shared for the purpose of the course are intellectual property of BioVoxxel (with exception of images retrieved from ImageJ). They may be used exclusively by the registered participant to whom they were made available and must not be handed to any third party or other person. Publication, modification even if only in parts, reuse, commercialization or sharing is prohibited. It is specifically prohibited to make screenshots, screen casting of any form or audio recordings. Legal actions will be taken on contempt.


German law applies. Place of jurisdiction is the place of the BioVoxxel’s business location.