Image Analysis Consulting

Consider BioVoxxel’s services to speed up, enrich, facilitate, automate or outsource image processing and analysis.

You have huge amounts of image data to process and analyze ?
  • Consulting regarding image analysis challenges and related experimental and imaging setup
  • Development of specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your image analysis project
  • Individual training on specific chosen image analysis topics
  • Outsource image processing and data preparation for your analysis
You need a piece of software for your image analysis which does not yet exist ?
  • Tailor-made, automated image analysis solutions based on ImageJ / Fiji
  • Programming service to develop a piece of software according to your needs
  • No additional software costs or license fees. You just pay the customized service
  • Support to adjust your BioVoxxel tool to changing conditions once the software is in use
Original image data (author Robert Haase, Dresden), License CC-BY, Processing with BioVoxxel 3D Box and CLIJ2, Animation created with 3Dscript
Analysis Gallery

Image sources: [1] D. Guduru, [2] Brocher, [3] Autor Dr. phil.nat Thomas Geier (via Wikipedia)