Coaching refers to interactive support sessions (normally via video calls) regarding image analysis challenges to improve experimental design, imaging setup, analysis strategies, tool usage during analysis as well as potential process automation. In case, the you have ImageJ macros already available or started to create them yourself but need help to improve them, make steps more flexible, the 1:1-coaching will be a very good choice to achieve your goals efficiently.

Key feature:
  • Discussion of individual needs and customized tips and solutions
  • The booked time can be used for pair-programming (1:1 programming)
  • Timely flexible (sessions on different days with individual duration as needed)
  • Charged on an hourly basis
  • Booked time slots can be used for
    • learning specific topics
    • fixing image analysis workflows
    • discussing automation solutions
  • Booked time can be converted into service time regarding programming a customized tool
  • Bookable as individual sessions or pre-charged quota of hours

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