BioVoxxel Toolbox for ImageJ and Fiji    (online workshop see below)

For Fiji users:

You can setup an automatic update for the BioVoxxel Toolbox. Just run the Fiji update and click on ‘Manage update sites’. Here you simply need to activate the “BioVoxxel” update site.

For ImageJ users:

Please accept that out of the time consuming maintainance reasons the newest toolbox versions will further only be provided directly via an Fiji update site. You can download the respective files also manually there or contact me and I will provide them via e-mail.

Nevertheless you can try putting the following file into the ImageJ plugins and test if it works: Biovoxxel_Plugins-2.5.3.jar


You will find all functions of the BioVoxxel Toolbox under the icon of the green BioVoxxel cube after selecting BioVoxxel Toolbox from the More Tools Icon (last Icon in the ImageJ/Fiji Icon list with the double arrow). Furthermore, all related plugin commands are found under >Plugins >BioVoxxel.


I am happy if the macros help you and I will be even happier, if you acknowledge me and BioVoxxel if you publish your results obtained with one of those macros. It would also be interesting for me to get a PDF copy of such a publication which would be helpful as reference for the plugins provided.

For Participants in the IJ Conference Workshop 2015 and all interested in functions from the Toolbox

– Image processing, feature extraction and analysis using the BioVoxxel Toolbox –

PLEASE download the following examples which we will use for the exercises during the workshop.

Download: BioVoxxel Conference Workshop Examples

Furthermore, please follow the instructions above to install the BioVoxxel Toolbox!!!

And here is the workshop to follow it step-by-step: