Bio-Image Consulting

You need to…

… extract and analyze specific stainings or objects in 2D or 3D  ?

… quantitatively analyze fluorescence intensities or histological sections ?

… track and analyze moving objects in 3D or 4D ?

… automate image processing and analysis for medium or high throughput ?

… get a piece of customized software for your in-house image analysis ?

… individually train your staff in efficient image analysis methodology ?

BioVoxxel offers…

… consulting regarding image analysis and related experimental design !

… customized and automated solutions for your image data !

… programming service to develop a tailor-made analysis software !

… support to adjust BioVoxxel software to changing conditions !

… development of specific SOPs for image processing and analysis !

… highly didactical individual training on specific chosen topics !

Choose BioVoxxel as your partner !

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selected images with courtesy of
Deepak Guduru and Peter Hemmerich